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Is that...a new AHS fanfic????

Before I digress further, do read Red Storm, the sequel to my AHS: Freak Show fanfiction, Uplift. Just a warning, it contains mature and controversial content. Discretion is advised.

Anyways, you saw the title of this post: a new AHS: Coven fanfiction is currently in the works! It is entitled Abominations. Here is a brief synopsis:

Eleanora has some unique abilities, but denies having them. Once she is accepted into the elite Miss Robicheaux's Academy, she has no idea what to expect or what is to come. Will she realize her true potential? What dark secrets lurk in her family's past? Who will be the next Supreme?

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Did I catch your attention with my amazeball edits for...yeah...a NEW STORY!?

I haven't written for Hetalia but I love the new season of AHS so much that I wrote an original Fanfiction:

Uplift is centered around Britta Nordlund, a young woman with a troubled past and rare gift, who is taken by Elsa to America to perform in her freak show and hopefully save her business. However, there is a hidden evil in Jupiter; no one is safe, and threats are at every corner. 

I hope you can read it and maybe leave a review! Thanks! :3

(PS: the above photos are original edits. Give credit please, thank you)

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Take My Scars (An America + Lithuania LEMON)

Some more Yaoi for you guys! This happens to be one of my all-time favorite ships in Hetalia: Axis Powers so enjoy!

"Mr. Jones?" the young Lithuanian called out in search of the man he was working for. "I...I have your coffee!"

There was no answer, which could only mean one thing; he had either left without telling him or he was out in the backyard. He knew that Alfred had been doing some cleaning in his basement, so perhaps he was going to take a break?

Toris Laurinatis was employed by Alfred's family as their personal servant and had been working for them for about a month and a half. He was from Lithuania, and he sought refuge in America from his abusive lover back home. The first thing he needed was a job, and he got average pay being the Jones family servant. 

He was a particularly handsome young man of nineteen with shoulder-length brown hair and green eyes that had hints of sadness in them. Though his introversion often got the best of him, he was still very sensitive with a kind heart. Inside, he was struggling to try and forget about his horrible past of physical and mental abuse, as well as a history of suffering from inhumane violence and brutality.

Toris walked out to the backyard with the tray of coffee, still trying to find Alfred. He saw the young man of the same age sitting on the wooden bench facing an elaborate, tranquil garden that was small but aesthetic. He walked over and smiled shyly at the young blond man sitting down.

"Ah, there you are," the Lithuanian said. Alfred looked up at him and smiled at him grandly, as he always had. He was always so fun-loving and cheerful, even completely childish at times; nevertheless, many people liked him.

"Thanks!" Alfred said, adjusting his plain, clear-lensed glasses higher up on his nose bridge as he took his cup of coffee. Toris nodded, and as he made his way to the house, Alfred turned his back and watched him.

"Hey, Toris!" he called out. The young servant walked back to the bench and stood prim and proper as he waited for his next task. Instead, he saw Alfred pat the seat next to him.

"Come sit with me. Take a break for a little bit," he insisted, still patting the seat next to him on the wooden bench. Toris nodded shyly and did as told, looking over at Alfred, calculating him and his outward appearance.

Alfred was quite handsome himself, and he had a carefree, fun-loving personality besides having a ridiculous addiction to hamburgers and soda. He had dirty blond hair with an ahoge near the part in his hair, and his eyes were sky blue. He wore glasses that were both functional and stylish, making him look as sophisticated as people would expect a young man of nineteen to be. The sun seemed to gleam off him as he took the first sip of his coffee, and Toris smiled at him. Alfred looked over at him.

"Hey, sorry if I'm delaying you from chores," he told the Lithuanian. Toris shook his head.

"It's perfectly alright, Mr. Jones," he replied with a smile that faded quickly.

"Just...from now on, call me Alfred," Alfred said as he sipped his coffee again. Toris looked at him and blinked.

"Oh," he said. "Alright."

"You've become my friend now," Alfred added, trying to give him a reason why he didn't have to use formality with him. Toris nodded, looking at the oleander shrub between the pastel pink peony bushes. He took in a breath of fresh, dewy spring air as he looked ahead at the small garden area.

Alfred took another sip of his coffee and looked at Toris, intrigued by the misery hidden behind his verdant, seemingly jaded eyes. Unbeknownst to him, the most recent years in Toris' life had been so full of anguish, both mental and physical, and to huge extents at that. He had been mistreated, misunderstood, underestimated, and a victim of circumstance. Fleeing to America to start a new life was his only hope. Unfortunately, Toris was deeply discouraged at receiving a letter from his lover begging him to come back with the promise of treating him better. He did not want to go back to Eastern Europe; he wanted to stay and enjoy his new life, his new job, and any new opportunities that would have come his way.

"Toris?" Alfred asked. "Is everything alright?" The Lithuanian sighed, thinking of the letter.

"Everything is fine," he responded. Something is on his mind, Alfred thought, keeping his sky-blue eyes on him.

"Toris, please," the young blond man pleaded kindly, moving a bit closer to him with his coffee in hand. "I don't know if I've ever told you this, but you can always feel free to talk to me about anything. Anything at all."

The Lithuanian looked at Alfred, his green eyes widening ever so slightly at his statement. Nobody had ever cared about him, nobody had ever been kind to him, and nobody ever tried to become his friend. He looked at him and sighed.

"Well," he began with a sad tone in his voice. "I guess things are not that easy." He had caught Alfred's full attention at that moment. 

"What do you mean?" he asked, looking at him as he started to speak. Toris got up from his seat and walked away, his back facing Alfred at a reasonable distance. Alfred watched him, hearing faint sobbing coming from the Lithuanian. Within seconds, Alfred rushed over to him and tried to console him, but the sobs seemed so heavy that they weighed his words down like a thousand boulders.

"I...I don't want to go back," he said as his voice cracked. Tears rushed down his cheeks as Alfred stood there to listen.

"Go back? What do you mean? What happened?" Alfred questioned. Toris sniffled and wiped his eyes, but more tears continued to roll down his cheeks.

"I can't face him anymore," he cried vaguely.


"Ivan," Toris finally said after a throaty gulp and a moment of undisturbed silence.

"Is he...your lover?" Alfred questioned.

"Yes," Toris answered, beginning to cry. Alfred took the Lithuanian into his arms and let him cry on his shoulder, patting his back gently. 

"Hey buddy, it's alright," the blond man said with deep sympathy. He sighed for a moment. "What happened?" 

"I...I...I received a letter from him...two days ago," Toris answered with grief. "He...he wants me to return." He began crying again. "I can't face him anymore! Not after all he's done to me!" 

"Alright, alright," Alfred said calmly, patting his friend's back. "Why don't we go inside?"

Toris nodded with a sniffle, and they walked into Alfred's living room. They both say down on the comfortable ivory sofa and faced each other. Toris breathed so heavily he couldn't speak for a moment.

"Why didn't you tell me about the letter, Toris?" Alfred asked.
"Because I...never talk about these things," the Lithuanian said. "It''s painful." He wept softly, thinking of his past. Alfred hugged him and rocked him gently.

"Tell me. Tell me about everything that happened to you," he inquired. "I am here to listen. Also, it will help to talk to somebody."

Toris knew it would take a lot of courage not only to tell him what happened, but also to trust him. He knew that if Alfred claimed to be his friend, it didn't necessarily mean he could always trust him or count on him. He began speaking, despite difficulty, and tears began rolling down his cheeks to think of the painful memories.
"I...well...I have known Ivan since we were children. We became we got older," Toris began tearfully. "And then...he...he wanted me all for himself."

"Oh?" Alfred's curiosity grew significantly as he listened to Toris' story.

"Ivan...well..." Tears fell again and Toris' voice cracked. "He forced me to live with him...and work for him..." He sobbed so hard he couldn't breathe. "He...he wanted complete control over me. He wanted me to work for him against my will. And...whenever I tried to escape, Ivan would...he would...he'd..."

Toris' sentence trailed off into the sound of falling tears and heavy sobbing. Alfred held him and patted his back, letting him cry on his shoulder. His emotions could no longer be controlled; he was so broken that he didn't think it was possible for his soul to be mended ever again.

"What...did" Alfred asked anxiously but calmly. Toris choked up and finally finished the sentence that trailed off.

"He...he beat me," he said, weeping loudly. "He would...cut me...whip me...he did....everything he leave his...mark on me."

Alfred's eyes widened and he held him again, encouraging him to let his emotions pour out. Toris continued to weep and cry as a replay of the distressing memories showed itself in his mind. 

"Toris, I am so sorry," the blond man told him. "That's terrible." The Lithuanian continued to cry heavily, but wiped his reddened eyes with the clean white sleeve of his uniform shirt.

"The last time Ivan tried to hurt me was when I rejected his marriage proposal," he added.

"When was this? Was it in the letter?" Alfred asked, his arm around Toris' shoulder. He shook his head slowly.

"No, it was before I came to America," he said. "He...he forced me to marry him, but when I said no, he...he beat me up very badly and...whipped me. Then, well...he...he violated me."

"He what?" Alfred asked with disbelief.

"Yes, he raped me, and it wasn't the first time it happened. I have had it happen many times. He did it every time. He even...did it when I slept sometimes," Toris said, a distinct frown on his face.

"Jesus," Alfred muttered under his breath with sympathetic incredulity. He sighed and looked back into Toris' verdant, sad eyes.

"Well, you are always welcome to stay here if you wish," Alfred said. "I am willing to open up my home to keep you safe from him. You won't have to deal with him anymore."

Toris' face lit up only a little bit, looking at the blond young man. No one had ever been so kind to him, not had they ever had the decency to open up their home to them. He smiled sadly and hugged Alfred tightly.

"Thank you, Mr. Jones. I...I am so grateful," Toris said with deep gratitude. Alfred hugged him, patting his back gently. 

"Don't thank me. I'm only doing the right thing," Alfred said. 

They had a moment of mutual eye contact, not letting anything distract them. Suddenly, their faces leaned into each others and they kissed briefly. Tori's blushed, feeling emotions that seemed to have been locked away for a long time (at least since Ivan's first romantic advance toward him). Alfred looked at him and saw the blank, blushing look on his face.

"Toris? Are you ok?" Alfred asked, caressing his face gently.

"Yes," he answered with a shy, morose smile. "I...I have never been so happy in all my life. That's all."

"You're...happy with me?" Alfred asked. 

"Yes...I...I love you," Toris told him nervously. Alfred's face lit up a bit, and he smiled at him, holding him close.

"I...I love you, too, Toris. I...I would give up my life just to keep you safe," the American replied with sincerity. 

Toris' tears of sadness turned to tears of happiness as the two young men embraced once again. The Lithuanian blushed, Alfred kissing him gently and slowly. He accepted the kiss and wrapped his arms around his neck, moaning gently as they locked lips.

The kiss became more passionate, and before long, the two men were in Alfred's bedroom, making out with each other against the wall. Alfred was kissing and licking Toris' neck gently. Toris panted and sighed as his nails dug into the fabric covering Alfred's back. That was his cue to remove his shirt to expose his lanky, but somewhat muscular frame. Toris kissed him passionately, channelling strong emotions into Alfred as tears continued to stream from the corners of his eyes.
Before long, the two young men were on the bed, caressing and kissing each other, but Toris kept his shirt on the entire time despite his temperature rising. Alfred, finally realizing this, looked down and unbuttoned Toris' clean white shirt, but he stopped him.
"What's the matter?" he asked. Toris sighed, and started to cry again.
" can't see me like this," the Lithuanian said with tears emanating from his eyes, turning on his side. Alfred placed a hand on his clothed arm.
"We can stop, if you want," Alfred suggested.
"No," Toris sobbed. "I...I am ugly."
"Why would you think that?"
Reluctant to answer his question with words, Toris undid his dress shirt and discarded it, throwing it on the floor with his back facing Alfred, whose facial expression was a mixture of shock and deep concern. A good percentage of Toris' back was scarred, bruised, cut, scabby; it were as though Toris' view of himself were to be true. However, Alfred saw beyond the scars and knew deep down that he was a brave man for putting up with a harsh man like Ivan. Without saying a word, Alfred ran his hand nervously over the scars on Toris' back and starting kissing the damaged flesh.
"Ah! Stop! Please! No one can ever love me for this," Toris begged, crying as he felt the American's lips caress his secrets. Alfred kissed nearly every inch of his back, and made his way back up to the nape of his neck.
"I'll love you no matter what. You are still you, and I love you for who you are," Alfred whispered. Touched by his words, Toris wiped his eyes and turned his head to share a passionate, fiery kiss with Alfred, who reached in the front of Toris' slacks to unbuckle them and take them off. The Lithuanian helped Alfred take off his, too, and before they knew it, Toris was on the bottom of Alfred with their lips in a captivatingly beautiful kiss.
Alfred kissed down his neck, trying to find his sweet spot. Toris sighed gently, but gasped when he started kissing the area where his neck met his shoulder. His fingertips ran down the smooth, warm skin of Alfred's defined back as the American kissed and sucked at his sweet spot repeatedly, making the Lithuanian arch against Alfred as he pleased him.
"Ah! Alfred!" he sighed, continuing to moan as the temperature between the men grew to an almost sizzling height.
Alfred moved lower, kissing all over Toris' chest before kissing and licking his flat nipples. The Lithuanian liked the feeling, and ran his fingers through Alfred's hair, removing his glasses and putting them on the nightstand for him. Alfred continued at his nipples, making Toris moan gently as he travelled down to his flat, lanky abdomen before finally taking off his boxers. Toris blushed significantly as he felt Alfred's hand stroke his member.
"Hmm," the American groaned, looking at the size and girth of the Lithuanian. When he licked the tip, Toris jerked up and sighed, panting loudly.
"Alfred!" he exclaimed with pleasure as he started to lightly suck up and down his shaft. Any part of Toris' member that Alfred couldn't fit in his mouth he stroked using a twisting motion activated by just a flick of the wrist. Toris jerked his head back onto the white fluffy pillow and ran his fingers gently through his hair.
"Agh! Ngh!" he groaned, the pressure and speed of Alfred's hand and mouth strokes increasing. He felt his free hand go to fondle his balls, and as he moved his member up, Alfred began sucking on Toris' balls with enough pressure to make him shout and scream in ecstatic bliss.
"AH!" Toris yelped out in pleasure. "It feels so good!"
"It does?" Alfred asked, giving his mouth a break so he can stroke him. Toris nodded, and Alfred sucked him until he came in his mouth. Alfred swallowed every bit of it; tastes so good, he thought as he tasted the salty, but sweet taste of Toris' seed.
Alfred kissed Toris on the lips again, and there was no fight for dominance during their time together. They really loved each other and Toris was very happy to be in good hands. the Lithuanian knelt upon Alfred's request, and he went at kissing the long, deep scars on his back once again. For once, Toris felt loved and accepted, not abused and rejected; for this he was very grateful, and with every kiss to his lips or body came a moment where he felt even closer to and more in love with Alfred.
When Alfred removed his own pants, he did not bother to stick his rock-hard erection into Toris just yet. Instead, he held both of his buttocks and started to lick his behind, making the Lithuanian gasp with pleasure.
"Ah! Alfred!" he sighed, gripping the bed sheets as he received pleasure from Alfred. He fondled his buttocks as he licked deeper into his hole. Toris, on the other hand, panted and his heart raced significantly.
"Alfred! Oh, Alfred!" he cried out in ecstasy. His tongue flicked at his butt wildly, causing a foreign fire to burn with intensity within Toris' loins. Alfred didn't necessarily taste anything, but his licking was only a start to when he started putting fingers inside of him. The sensation of Alfred's digits entering his rear made him moan even louder than ever before.
"Am I hurting you?" Alfred questioned, thrusting his finger in and out of Toris.
"No, I'm fine," Toris replied shyly with a streak of red across his face.
The walls of Toris' rectum felt rather strange on Alfred's fingers, but the stretching sensation of the outer part with the digital thrusting felt and looked better. As Toris moaned, Alfred stroked his own member, gradually working up the point to where he was close to coming. To prevent coming so soon, he stopped thrusting his fingers into Toris, and kneeled behind his raised buttocks, thrusting into him gently.
Toris gripped the bed sheets, adding to the messy arrangement of the sheets. Alfred sighed and bit his lower lip, thrusting into Toris' ass slowly, going in and out with an even amount of pressure as he held the sides of his butt.
"Oh," Toris moaned.
"Feel good?" Alfred asked. Toris nodded slowly, still blushing and panting.
"Yes. You can move now," said the Lithuanian.
Within a matter of moments, Alfred's member sped up inside Toris, both men moaning loudly from the pleasure they were giving and receiving. The Lithuanian rested his head and shoulders forward on the bed, liking the increasingly powerful thrusts going in and out of him.
"Ah....oh....ahh...ngh...ooh," Toris moaned repeatedly. Alfred went a bit faster and harder inside of him, hitting the  sweet spot he was looking for. The Lithuanian began to shout and scream in ecstasy, tossing his head back in the air as his hands crushed the fabric of the bed linens.
"AH! OH!"
"Toris! Oh my god!" Alfred shouted, leaning down to share a quick kiss with Toris as he thrust in and out him, repeatedly hitting his sweet spot.
"I feel so alive!" Toris exclaimed.
"I'm going to come!" the American warned.
"I am, too!" Toris answered with a loud moan to accompany it.
Moaning each others names, they both came. When Alfred pulled out of Toris, he saw some of his seed drip out of the hole. Within a few moments, both men were laying down, facing each other as they kisses, caressed, and looked into each other's eyes.
"I love you, Toris," Alfred said. Toris smiled shyly, but it was laced with happiness.
"I love you, too, Alfred. Very much," he whispered with his thick Lithuanian intonation. Alfred caressed his face gently and kissed his forehead.
"Toris, you may feel free to live with me," Alfred told him. For the first time in a long while, Toris showed teeth in his smile.
"I wouldn't be happier any other way," he said, planting a gentle, tender kiss on Alfred's anticipating lips.
Before they fell asleep together, Alfred told Toris; "you will never have to deal with Ivan again as long as I am around."

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A Pervert's Fantasy (A Prussia + Hungary LEMON)

WARNING: May include some bondage! Don't say I didn't warn you!

"I hate you, Gilbert," Elizabetha said to him as he held the leather riding crop firmly in his grasp. The red-eyed German looked at her and laughed sinisterly as he snapped the leather strip on his palm.


"Vat do you vant, Elizabetha? Don't tell me you don't know vat is going on inside your head!" he teased crudely as he stared at her stripped-naked form tied up.

She was tied up in such a way that even her private areas were exposed for him to see. Her hands were behind her back, her legs were tied apart as if in a gynecologist's chair to give Gilbert a good view of her womanhood, and her nipples were hard and upright due to the slight chill in the dark, dim room. She rolled her eyes at the German and shook her head, struggling to move in the tight collar.

Gilbert, on the other hand, was a sight to see himself, and he was scantily clad in an outfit made entirely of thin leather. He wore no underpants, leaving his member to stand erect through the gap in his open leather chaps, and two leather straps with metal buckles crossed over his chest to make him look more intimidating. This was a success, for Elizabetha was taken from her home, stripped completely, and tied up in a weird, strappy contraption. This was a pervert's fantasy.


"Ow! What are you doing, Gilbert?" Elizabetha shouted, responding to the riding crop striking her bottom. "That hurts a lot!"


"Stop that! I mean it!" she repeated, the same distressing shout. The German looked down at his member, beginning to stroke it hard and fast as he stared at her distressing expression. Then, it turned to disgust--what the hell is he doing, she asked herself.

Suddenly, he grabbed her head, clutching her light brown hair tightly as he shoved his erection into her mouth. She screamed, gagging as his cock went in and out of her orifice.

"Oh, ja! Zat feels good! No vonder my brozer loves sadistic porn!" he giggled, moaning in pleasure as his member made Elizabetha's cries of disapproval turn to quiet, but audible throat gags. Once he went faster, Elizabetha started gagging so much she let out a few strained coughs. She kept shaking her head to free herself from Gilbert's tight grasp, finally getting his dick out of her mouth as she coughed heavily from him gagging her with his erect member.

"You idiot! What are you doing!? Sto--"

It began again, and Elizabetha's eyes widened as her breath was prevented and it was practically thrusting in and out of the hollow of her throat. Gilbert cackled sadistically at the sensation of her warm, wet mouth.

"Ooh! Zis is awesome!" he groaned, the evil grin still on his face as he felt an even better sensation. "Ooh! Looks who's going to cum!"

Elizabetha's eyes widened upon hearing him, and once she felt his liquid seed pour into her mouth, she spat it out on Gilbert, expressing her disapproval. However, on her tongue it tasted OK, so she swallowed some of it until gasping in her response to him beginning to lick her slick, hot folds.

"Ah! Gilbert! Ahh!" she shouted. He stroked her clit with his index finger, looking up into her eyes with his bright red eyes full of sadistic lust.

"You're all vet, Elizabetha!" he said, sticking a finger inside of her. She winced and moved in her strappy binding, trying to make him stop.

"Stop! I'm warning you!" she shrieked angrily.

"Varning me? Vhy? It's apparent you feel awesome, too!" he said, his finger going deeper as he sucked on her bundle of nerves gently. Elizabetha couldn't help but moan; it actually did feel good, but she hated Gilbert so much that she didn't want to show it. However, she was failing miserably as he sucked her harder and harder with each passing minute as his finger dug into her anterior wall.

"Gilbert! I.....hate....y-you!" she shouted, intense pleasure concealed in her voice. He stopped and stood up, shoving his member inside of her. It was without warning--Elizabetha didn't like this.

"Ah!! Stop! It hurts!!" she exclaimed. Her arms seemed to have minds of their own, wrapping around Gilbert's collared neck spontaneously as he thrust in and out of her roughly.

"It's so much better inside of you, Elizabetha! Admit it--you like vat I'm doing," he told her.

"No! I do not!" she shouted, still holding him close.

"You are holding me, and zat is ze only logical giveaway!" Gilbert contradicted.

"Am I?" she asked, looking into his red-violet eyes.

"Ja!" he told her, laughing as he kept going in and out of her. Elizabetha felt more pleasure, but resisted it to the point where she started screaming.

"Gilbert! Ah!!" she moaned, panting breathlessly. "Stop it!"

"You moaned my name! Zat's it! You like it!!" he responded, going deeper inside of her as he wrapped her legs around his waist.

"It's so hot and vet!" Gilbert finally said moments later. "It must feel good to you!"

"No!" she lied. "I hate it! Stop it!"

"I zink you do!! Don't deny it!" he commanded, whispering in her ear. "You are turned on by my awesomeness!"

"No!" she repeated for the umpteenth time. "Stop!"

"You're getting tighter around me! Ja, you are!" he cooed, moaning loudly from the pleasure Elizabetha's liquid heat gave him. She experienced a sudden rush of ecstasy, and found herself shouting.

"Stop...I'm going to...I'm going to--"

"Vat are you going to do, lieben?" he asked. "I know vat I am going to do--I am going to come!"



With that, another dose of Gilbert's semen came in contact with her body, and it was inside her. Elizabetha hated the feeling of being dominated, but she knew she couldn't run and hide; she was bound in an awkward position. Gilbert kissed her cheek and smiled at her deviously.

"Guten nacht." Those were his final words before leaving the Hungarian woman bound in the room, awkward position and all.

Tea and Wine (A Fem!FrUk LEMON)

I'm finally getting a grip on Yuri fanfictions; they're so fun to write. Enjoy!

"Bleh!" Francine groaned. "These scones taste like cardboard!" Alice looked at her French friend, offended by her statement. Sure, her cooking wasn't the best, but she took pride in her mother's recipe for scones. Francine, for one, wasn't pleased with what her English friend had served that afternoon for 4 o'clock tea. Alice sighed and shook her head.

"Do you seriously think my food is bland?" she asked.

"Oui! It is tasteless!" Francine said. "I don't even want more tea. If you don't mind, I'd like some of my wine, thank you."

Alice watched as her friend pulled out a crystal-clear wine glass and a bottle of rosé, pouring it slowly into her glass after popping the cork off. She sipped the fruity liquid and moaned with satisfaction.

"Un verre de vin est toujour bon," she said in her tongue, taking another sip as she looked at Alice. "Would you like some?"

"No, I'd rather not," Alice said, acknowledging her difficulty with handling alcoholic beverages. Francine stared at her, crossing one leg over the other as she evened out her skirt.

"You got so tipsy with Amelia last week. You were sick for two days," Francine said. "I was lucky."

"You're used to your wine, wanker," Alice retorted. Francine raised her eyebrow in shock.

"You seriously need more drink," the Frenchwoman suggested, walking over to her with a strut. Alice looked at her and blushed violently. 

The young British woman looked at Francine; she was indeed a very beautiful woman, but she was also somewhat pretentious and overly sexual. Her soft light brown hair was in a simple ponytail adorned with a small gold tiara, and she wore a light pink skirt with a white dress shirt and teal blazer. Her eyes were pure amethyst and sparkled seductively to enchant anybody who looked at her. Francine sipped her wine again, and Alice turned around to grab a scone from the silver dish on the rolling cart. 

Just when Alice was about to grab one, she felt a hand squeeze one of her breasts. She jerked up and looked behind her, seeing Francine with a look of delight on her face as she began fondling both of them at the same time from behind. Alice tried to make her stop, but doing so would just be inevitable.

"Francine! Stop! What the bloody hell are you doing?" she asked in a shriek. Francine stopped and turned Alice around to face her; with that, she crashed her lips onto hers, seducing the young Englishwoman instantly.

The way Francine kissed was like none other. It was intimidating, but at the same time it was gentle and loving. Alice started kissing her back, closing her eyes as she felt her apron and baby blue dress slip off her body. Francine wrapped her legs around her waist and carried her to Alice's bedroom nearest the living room.

With her rear facing the lust-filled Frenchwoman, she anticipated her touch, but looked back and noticed her taking off her clothes, stripping off her undergarments before she began running her palms over Alice's bottom.

"Your derrière is so nice," she said, leaning down to remove her underpants slowly. She went closer and started licking her womanhood from behind, stroking the slick folds as her tongue made it even wetter.

"Ah! Bloody hell! Francine! What are you doing?" Alice asked with frustration. Deep down, she enjoyed the feeling of her friends warm breath on her femininity. Francis turned her over on her back and began kissing her, putting Alice's hands on her full, bare breasts. The young British woman blushed, but realized that they felt great in her hands as she cupped and fondled them.

"Oui," Francine sighed gently as she kneeled, letting her friend caress and suck on her breasts.

"You are...beautiful," Alice said, marveling at the Frenchwoman's beautiful curves. She ran her hands slowly over her narrow waist and shapely hips, leaning forward to kiss the soft skin of her breasts. Francine ran her hands through each of Alice's blonde pigtails as her nose trailed gently across her skin with her lips making suction over her nipples.

"Ah," the Frenchwoman moaned with pleasure, holding Alice's head gently as her lips traveled across her beautiful, flawless skin. She arched her neck back, prompting Alice to kiss her neck before stopping at her lips. Their kiss led to Francine being tossed on her back, being kissed by the Englishwoman as her hands caressed her breasts gently. 

Alice worshipped Francine's beauty, trailing her nose down her neck and chest to leave a trail of kisses on her abdomen before stroking her soaking wet femininity with two fingers. The Frenchwoman opened her legs a bit to give her easier leeway, letting her use her tongue to please her.

"Honhon~" Francine giggled as she felt Alice's tongue trace designs on her. She gripped the bed sheets tightly when Alice began sucking on her clit gently, arching her back impulsively.

"Alice!" she moaned loudly. She gasped upon feeling her tongue enter her, and she threw her head back, entwining her fingers where Alice's hands rested on the sides of her hips. Francine savored the feeling and giggled playfully as she felt her tongue go inside of her with a finger to accompany it. Alice's tongue flicked Francine's clit wildly, and the Frenchwoman gasped and panted from the pleasure. She had done this many times with men and women alike, but there was something about the way Alice pleasured her that made her go crazy.
"Ah! Alice! I'm going to come!" she shouted.
Alice licked her clean upon her release, and savored every bit of her natural taste. Francine's back and neck were arched against the space between she and the young Englishwoman, and she let out short moans of delight as the girl's lips made their way back up her body to kiss her. Their tongue met in a small game of dominance, which ended with Francine winning and making Alice go on all fours. Her panties were already off, and as she blushed, the Frenchwoman rubbed her buttocks as she licked at the hole between them. Alice's eyes widened in shock.
"Ah! Not there! Stop!" she begged.
"Non," her friend said. "This is always fun. Honhonhon~"
Alice didn't particularly like the idea of having her ass licked, but it somehow made her moan. Francine's hands fondled her cheeks as she licked deeper. Alice looked back at her and placed her hand just above her rear end, and when Francine stopped licking to playfully bite at her butt, Alice couldn't help but laugh a little bit.
Francine's tongue moved back to her ass, but then went to lick her moist womanhood, spreading the lips apart to access her clit and suck on it gently. The Englishwoman sighed with pleasure. She knew it felt much better than having her ass licked.
"Feel good, oui?" Francine asked. Alice moaned.
"Stick a finger in me," she begged with a sigh.
Without question, she slowly inserted one of her perfectly-manicured fingers inside of her, and as she moved it in and out, her tongue went up and licked her ass again, making Alice's arch back at the sudden speed of her tongue.
"Ah! Francine! Stop!" she begged.
"Non, this part is always fun," she answered, continuing to lick her behind ravenously. Her finger went faster inside of Alice, and within a few minutes, the young Englishwoman was on the verge of climax.
"Ah! Stop!" she begged.
With that, Alice got on her back with Francine on top of her, kissing her as her finger reentered Alice. Another finger stroked her clit with enough pressure to cause her release. Once she felt a smooth liquid pour on her fingers, Francine raised them to her mouth and licked them clean, giving one of her fingers to Alice so she could taste her own natural flavor.
"Mmm," Alice moaned as she gently licked and sucked the Frenchwoman's finger.
"Bon," Francine cooed with a giggle. "Honhon~"
Suddenly, Francine pulled out a blue plastic dildo that was rather large in size, but it was not a strap-on. Francine licked it gently, getting it nice and wet for ease of entry in Alice. She leaned down and sucked and licked the Englishwoman's breasts as she put the dildo into her.
"Agh," Alice moaned, letting her body adjust to its size. "It's so big."
"I know. That's why I got it," she said, continuing to suck on her breasts as she put the dildo in and out of Alice. With every passing second, Alice's moans grew louder as she ran her fingers through Francine's light brown ponytail.
"H-harder," she begged with a sigh. Francine smiled against her skin and went so hard that the dildo hit the sweet spot inside of Alice. She arched her back, jerking her head back with pleasure.
"Ah! Francine!" she shouted.
"What is it? Should I go...faster?" With that being said, she moved it really fast in and out of her.
"Ah! Stop!" Alice pleaded, a look of ecstasy on her face.
"Non, I love the look on your face." The Frenchwoman began to touch herself as she moved it as fast and hard as she could. It did not take long for Alice's to climax.
"AH!" Alice shouted once last time until coming all over the dildo. Francine laughed.
"Honhonhon~" she said, taking it out to lick it clean. She placed it on the bedside table and held Alice close, whispering in her ear.
"C’était amusant. We should try again some time," Francine said. Alice looked up into her eyes and kissed her.
"I...I love you," she told her. Francine planted a soft kiss on her friend's neck and smiled.
"J'taime," she replied.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Just Brushing Her Hair (A Fem!Gerita LEMON)

First yuri lemon...hope you enjoy!!

"Monika!" the young Italian girl called out, holding her ornate cameo hairbrush as she tried to undo her braids. The German woman in the other room walked in, having just dressed in a white tank top and a clean pair of training pants. She groaned with irritation.

"What is it?" Monika asked, rolling her eyes as she saw Feliciana sitting there at her vanity table with one braid undone and the other without its tie, but every strand was still intact.

"Can you brush my hair, please?" Feliciana asked with blushing cheeks to compliment her smile.

"Can't you do it yourself?" she asked. Shieße, she thought, walking toward her friend, can't she ever do anything herself?

"Monika! It just isn't the same when I do it! Please?" the Italian girl pleaded. The German woman groaned and shook her hair, undoing her other braid and gathering all of her auburn-brown hair to brush it gently. As she brushed with gentle strokes, Feliciana seemed to enjoy it very much.

"Vee," she moaned in a cutesy voice.

"This is why I cut my hair short," Monika said, looking in the mirror at herself as she brushed the auburn locks of her Italian friend. As she brushed the long tresses, the German girl looked at her own hair; it was cut unevenly, though as a little girl, she had her light blonde hair in braids. As a teenager, her hair was loose but held back with a headband. However, to be more like her brothers, she cut all of her hair off and it had been that way ever since. Monika considered herself a strong woman; she really was, too, both in the mind and body. 

Monika, like many German girls, was very tall and robust with large breasts and wide hips. She also has an unusual amount of physical strength for a woman. Her eyes were as blue as her brother Ludwig's, and with him, she shared her light blonde hair. Monika also dressed similarly to her brothers, often wearing a tank top, training pants and combat boots.

She continued to brush her friend's hair, looking at Feliciana's pretty, relatively petite frame sitting on the stool. She was wearing a springtime ensemble with a white top that laced up in the back and a dark red, voluminous skirt that reached her knees. She had a warm, honey-like skin tone, especially after harvesting tomatoes with her sister Lovina in the garden all day in the sun. Her eyes also reflected warmth with their amber-brown shade, and she was always so happy with a smile on her face. At the same time she was very sensitive with tender emotions, her feelings often getting hurt if Monika or Sakura didn't want to spend time with her or if her sister Lovina was making fun of her. 

As Monika brushed Feliciana's hair, she unknowingly brushed the only curl on her head. In response, the girl moaned sensually. Monika was annoyed, and thinking it was a knot, she tugged at it with her brush, and in a flash Feliciana jumped into her arms, hugging her as her lips crashed onto those of the German woman. Her icey blue eyes widened, her cheeks blushing as she received the kiss. She pushed her away, wiping her mouth afterwards.

"Heilig sheiße! What the hell is wrong with you, Feli?" Monika snapped, an aggravated look on her face. Feliciana's face looked as though she were on the verge of crying, frowning as her friend grew frustrated with her impulsive advances. She looked down at her feet and looked up at Monika, not saying a word as she hugged her, resting her head against the woman's large breasts. The Italian girl placed her hands on the woman's large breasts, but Monika, knowing that Feliciana was emotionally sensitive (also the fact that Monika liked her), she only blushed.

"Feli," she said, liking the feeling of the Italian's touch. Feliciana was amazed by how large Monika's breasts were.

"They're so big," she said happily. Without question, Monika crashed her lips onto her friend's, her arms snaking around her waist as he held her tightly. Feliciana moaned gently, but broke the kiss to assess Monika's feelings.

"Aspetti," she said. "I thought you were mad. I'm so sorry, Monika. It's just that you kept brushing my curl and whenever someone touches it...I-I-I go crazy." Monika put her index finger to Feliciana's lips, causing her to blush as the Getman took her closer to her buxom body.

"Honestly, I thought there was a snarl in your hair," she admitted, blushing with a smile. "I...I didn't expect for you to like me as well." Feliciana's eyes widened.

"R-Really?" the Italian asked.

"Ja, to be honest, I really like you Feli," she said. Feliciana smiled happily.

"I'm so happy," she said cheerfully.

"Aren't you always?" Monika asked.

"Not in the same way as when I'm with you," Feliciana admitted, going on her tiptoes to kiss her cheek. 

Monika looked at Feliciana through her shining amber-brown eyes, leaning down to kiss her gently. The Italian girl returned the kiss, fondling the German's breasts through her shirt. She loved their size and the feeling of them, and it made Monika moan upon feeling her touch.

Feliciana helped Monika remove her tank top, then her bra; when the cups came off her breasts, the Italian looked in amazement. Monika seemed so masculine for a woman, and the Italian didn't expect to see such a womanly figure on such a tough, seemingly manly female. Just after going to the bed, Feliciana leaned forward and began sucking the German's neck and full breasts, fondling the unattended one as she moaned loudly.


"Your body is so beautiful, Monika," Feliciana said, kissing and sucking on her nipples gently. She rolled the pink buds between her teeth gently, flicking her tongue over them.

"Ah! Feli!" Monika took the opportunity to play with her curl to excite her even more. Feliciana, at an instant, took off every inch of her clothing and laid back toward the end of the bed, spreading her legs as her fingers stroked her newly wet folds while her other hand fondled her breast.

"Monika! I can't take it!" Feliciana moaned. 

Blushing red from the unexpected sight of Feliciana pleasuring herself just after she finished stroking her curl, Monika removed her boots, pants and socks and crawled over to her, kissing her thighs before she moved up to her breasts. Feliciana was petite and feminine compared to Monika, but Monika still found her attractive. She kissed her bosom with a feather-light touch, licking her nipples and applying a bit of suction.

"Ah! Vee~" Feliciana sighed with pleasure. Monika continued at her breasts for a total of five minutes. Then, she moved up to Feliciana's lips and kissed her. The Italian laid below the German, and enjoyed the feeling of her Iron Cross pendant tickling her chest.

"Ich liebe dich, Feli," she said. Feliciana smiled and blushed.

"Yay!" she answered. "Ti amo tanto."

Monika's fingers trailed down Feliciana's breast, down her stomach, down the front of her pelvis, until they reached her womanhood. The Italian sighed gently as her friend's fingers teased her clit and her entrance. She could do nothing but beg as she felt herself become wetter by the minute.

"Monika! Ah!" she moaned.

"Feel good?" Monika asked, stroking her a little firmly.

"," the Italian answered, moaning from the ecstasy of her touch. Within a few good moments Monika lifted her fingers to her mouth and licked them, tasting her friend's juices as she cleaned them with her tongue. Liking the taste, the German lowered herself to Feliciana's femininity, kissing and caressing her thighs before lightly brushing her wetness with her tongue.

"Ah!" the Italian groaned.

Feliciana enjoyed Monika's tongue lingering in the area between her legs, and she arched her back with a moan. When she felt herself being licked from the bottom to the top at a teasingly slow pace, she began gripping the bed sheets. Monika moaned to make her feel a vibrating sensation aside from the fact that she liked her natural flavor.

"Monika! It's so good!" Feliciana said, trying not to buck her hips too much. The German put her lips to work by sucking on her inner lips and tugging them gently, shortly before taking her clit into her mouth.

"Monika," she sighed. Her name became a sacred chant; she knew she loved her very much. Monika continued to suck and lick Feliciana until, without warning, she inserted a finger into her wetness.

"Oh," Feliciana moaned, feeling the digit enter her.

"Est ist so eng," Monika said with a slight groan, inserting another finger inside of the Italian. Feliciana grimaced, feeling herself stretch with the entry of her two fingers. Monika looked up at her, kissing and sucking at her inner thigh as her fingers went in and out of her. As Feliciana gasped and panted in ecstasy, Monika rubbed her sweet spot repeatedly, sending waves of pleasure through the girl's body.

"Monika! Ah!!" she shouted. "I can't get enough!" 

The German continued to stroke her sweet spot, flicking and sucking in her clit while doing so. Without warning, Feliciana came all over her tongue, prompting her to lap up the uniquely tart taste of her juices. Monika moved up and sucked on Feliciana's breasts before kissing her lips, allowing her to taste her own juices. The Italian moaned, and they broke the kiss to look into each others eyes. 

Suddenly, Monika went off the bed and went to her bag near the bureau. Feliciana looked over curiously to see why she had left briefly. Then, the German put on a strap-on, which was really large in size. Feliciana looked at her as she walked to the bed and laid down. In order to get the Italian to do what she wanted, Monika kissed her while stroking her curl, and within a few seconds, Feliciana got on top of the strap-on dildo and put it up inside her.

"Ah! Monika! It's inside me now!" she shouted ecstatically as she rode her at a slow pace. Meanwhile, Monika enjoyed the sight of her breasts bouncing up and down as she rode her.

"Enjoying yourself?" Monika asked, placing her hands on the girl's hips.

"Sí! Molto! Sta sento bene!" Feliciana screamed. "Ahh!!"

Monika reached up and placed her hands on the Italian's breasts, their fingers entwining as she moaned heavily. The German then took her on her back and thrusted deep into her with the dildo, wrapping her legs around her waist. Feliciana loved the pleasure and craved it, sucking Monika's breasts again.

"I can't...take it! I'm going to come!" Feliciana said. 

"Do it!" Monika said. When it happened, the German took the strap-on off and licked it clean, letting Feliciana taste her own juices again. Within minutes they were laying on the bed together, caressing each other's breasts and faces gently.

"Feli?" Monika said.

"Sí?" Feliciana asked with a blushing smile.

"I...I want you to be my girlfriend," she said. The Italian's face lit up with joy, and they exchanged embraces. 

"Sí! Ti amo!" she said. "By the way, thank you for brushing my hair."

"Anytime." With that being said, they fell asleep in each others arms.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Shopping in Warsaw (A Poland + Lithuania ONE-SHOT)

Sorry guys, keeping it clean in this one!! Enjoy!!

"Like, isn't this dress pretty, Toris?" the young Polish man said as he pushed the dressing room curtain aside in order to step out. He posed like a runway model with his hands on his hips and his legs parted to show his friend Toris the outfit he had just taken off the sale rack. Toris never really understood why Feliks, his longtime friend, would insist on dressing like a girl. Oh well, he thought from time to time, it's none of my business.

The Lithuanian blushed, looking at him with the same kind of incredulity he always had when his friend dressed in drag. Feliks was trying on a long-sleeved dress in his favorite color, pink, with a coordinating russet-colored turtleneck underneath it. The look was completed with pink and white striped tights and a pair of heeled black boots. Toris smiled shyly and nodded at his friend, who still posed effeminately.

" a good look," he said. Feliks smiled at him, placing his delicate hands to his chest as if touched by something emotional. Signs of blushing showed in his cheeks as he looked at Toris, whose remained on his for a long, seemingly endless moment. Meanwhile, a saleswoman came by holding a frilly blue skirt on a hanger, and it diverted Feliks and made him excitedly frantic. He walked to the saleswoman and tapped her on the shoulder just before she could hang it up on a rack.

"Excuse me, but I think, like, that skirt totally has my name on it," Feliks said, looking at the young saleswoman.

"Certainly," she said, handing him the skirt on the hanger. Her eyes scanned the outfit he had been modelling for Toris; "that looks fabulous on you!"

"Thank you!" Feliks said with a cheeky smile, walking back to a sitting Toris near the fitting room.

"I'm so buying this," the young Polish man said, admiring himself in the mirror again before going in with the skirt. He closed the curtain and took off the clothing items. Before putting on the skirt, he undid the back closure and slipped into it. Pulling it up to his waist, he had trouble redoing the closure. He poked his head out of the fitting room curtain and caught Toris' attention.

"You there," he joked with blushing cheeks. "Can you come in here and help me?"

The thought of going into a fitting room with his flamboyant friend made him feel odd, a mixture of alien emotions he had never felt before. Shaking his head, he got up and went into the fitting room, where Feliks had the skirt fastened on him already. Toris raised his eyebrow at Feliks, who stared back with his seductive green eyes and batting his eyelashes.

"F-F-Feliks?" Toris asked. "The...well...the skirt. You managed to put it on yourself."

"Yes, I did," he answered.

"Alright, I guess you don't need me," Toris said, turning his back to reach for the fitting room's curtain. Before he could even touch the coarse fabric, Feliks grabbed both of his hands and pinned him against the wall, pressing his lips to his. Toris' eyes widened and stayed that way until Feliks ended the kiss. He smiled at the Lithuanian lovingly, but Toris was embarrassed.

"Feliks....I...why did you...why?" he asked. The young Polish man wrapped his arms around Toris' neck, looking into his eyes. 

"I like you very much, Toris," he confessed. "I hope you like me, too."

"Feliks," Toris said with uncertainty. "I...well...I have felt something...toward you for a little while now."

"You have? Oh, I'm so happy," Feliks said with a bright smile. Toris smiled shyly as their foreheads leaned in slowly for their lips to meet in a tender, warm kiss.

The taste of Felik's lips was that of strawberry lip gloss, but Toris didn't mind it one bit. He was more relaxed knowing that he was with someone with whom he had gotten along with for so long. Feliks' hands placed themselves on the sides of his crush's face, and Toris' arms were snaked around his friend's waist, hugging him snugly against him. Feliks moaned gently as Toris' tongue brushed against his lower lip. He put his own tongue to use, making their kiss be a competition for dominance. After a few minutes of soft moaning, Toris won; Feliks was dissatisfied and broke the kiss.

"No fair," he said.

"It's fair to me," Toris answered with a soft giggle. "Oh well, how can I possibly make it fair for you?"

"Be my boyfriend?" Feliks suggested.

"Done," Toris said with a smile.