Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Just Brushing Her Hair (A Fem!Gerita LEMON)

First yuri lemon...hope you enjoy!!

"Monika!" the young Italian girl called out, holding her ornate cameo hairbrush as she tried to undo her braids. The German woman in the other room walked in, having just dressed in a white tank top and a clean pair of training pants. She groaned with irritation.

"What is it?" Monika asked, rolling her eyes as she saw Feliciana sitting there at her vanity table with one braid undone and the other without its tie, but every strand was still intact.

"Can you brush my hair, please?" Feliciana asked with blushing cheeks to compliment her smile.

"Can't you do it yourself?" she asked. Shieße, she thought, walking toward her friend, can't she ever do anything herself?

"Monika! It just isn't the same when I do it! Please?" the Italian girl pleaded. The German woman groaned and shook her hair, undoing her other braid and gathering all of her auburn-brown hair to brush it gently. As she brushed with gentle strokes, Feliciana seemed to enjoy it very much.

"Vee," she moaned in a cutesy voice.

"This is why I cut my hair short," Monika said, looking in the mirror at herself as she brushed the auburn locks of her Italian friend. As she brushed the long tresses, the German girl looked at her own hair; it was cut unevenly, though as a little girl, she had her light blonde hair in braids. As a teenager, her hair was loose but held back with a headband. However, to be more like her brothers, she cut all of her hair off and it had been that way ever since. Monika considered herself a strong woman; she really was, too, both in the mind and body. 

Monika, like many German girls, was very tall and robust with large breasts and wide hips. She also has an unusual amount of physical strength for a woman. Her eyes were as blue as her brother Ludwig's, and with him, she shared her light blonde hair. Monika also dressed similarly to her brothers, often wearing a tank top, training pants and combat boots.

She continued to brush her friend's hair, looking at Feliciana's pretty, relatively petite frame sitting on the stool. She was wearing a springtime ensemble with a white top that laced up in the back and a dark red, voluminous skirt that reached her knees. She had a warm, honey-like skin tone, especially after harvesting tomatoes with her sister Lovina in the garden all day in the sun. Her eyes also reflected warmth with their amber-brown shade, and she was always so happy with a smile on her face. At the same time she was very sensitive with tender emotions, her feelings often getting hurt if Monika or Sakura didn't want to spend time with her or if her sister Lovina was making fun of her. 

As Monika brushed Feliciana's hair, she unknowingly brushed the only curl on her head. In response, the girl moaned sensually. Monika was annoyed, and thinking it was a knot, she tugged at it with her brush, and in a flash Feliciana jumped into her arms, hugging her as her lips crashed onto those of the German woman. Her icey blue eyes widened, her cheeks blushing as she received the kiss. She pushed her away, wiping her mouth afterwards.

"Heilig sheiße! What the hell is wrong with you, Feli?" Monika snapped, an aggravated look on her face. Feliciana's face looked as though she were on the verge of crying, frowning as her friend grew frustrated with her impulsive advances. She looked down at her feet and looked up at Monika, not saying a word as she hugged her, resting her head against the woman's large breasts. The Italian girl placed her hands on the woman's large breasts, but Monika, knowing that Feliciana was emotionally sensitive (also the fact that Monika liked her), she only blushed.

"Feli," she said, liking the feeling of the Italian's touch. Feliciana was amazed by how large Monika's breasts were.

"They're so big," she said happily. Without question, Monika crashed her lips onto her friend's, her arms snaking around her waist as he held her tightly. Feliciana moaned gently, but broke the kiss to assess Monika's feelings.

"Aspetti," she said. "I thought you were mad. I'm so sorry, Monika. It's just that you kept brushing my curl and whenever someone touches it...I-I-I go crazy." Monika put her index finger to Feliciana's lips, causing her to blush as the Getman took her closer to her buxom body.

"Honestly, I thought there was a snarl in your hair," she admitted, blushing with a smile. "I...I didn't expect for you to like me as well." Feliciana's eyes widened.

"R-Really?" the Italian asked.

"Ja, to be honest, I really like you Feli," she said. Feliciana smiled happily.

"I'm so happy," she said cheerfully.

"Aren't you always?" Monika asked.

"Not in the same way as when I'm with you," Feliciana admitted, going on her tiptoes to kiss her cheek. 

Monika looked at Feliciana through her shining amber-brown eyes, leaning down to kiss her gently. The Italian girl returned the kiss, fondling the German's breasts through her shirt. She loved their size and the feeling of them, and it made Monika moan upon feeling her touch.

Feliciana helped Monika remove her tank top, then her bra; when the cups came off her breasts, the Italian looked in amazement. Monika seemed so masculine for a woman, and the Italian didn't expect to see such a womanly figure on such a tough, seemingly manly female. Just after going to the bed, Feliciana leaned forward and began sucking the German's neck and full breasts, fondling the unattended one as she moaned loudly.


"Your body is so beautiful, Monika," Feliciana said, kissing and sucking on her nipples gently. She rolled the pink buds between her teeth gently, flicking her tongue over them.

"Ah! Feli!" Monika took the opportunity to play with her curl to excite her even more. Feliciana, at an instant, took off every inch of her clothing and laid back toward the end of the bed, spreading her legs as her fingers stroked her newly wet folds while her other hand fondled her breast.

"Monika! I can't take it!" Feliciana moaned. 

Blushing red from the unexpected sight of Feliciana pleasuring herself just after she finished stroking her curl, Monika removed her boots, pants and socks and crawled over to her, kissing her thighs before she moved up to her breasts. Feliciana was petite and feminine compared to Monika, but Monika still found her attractive. She kissed her bosom with a feather-light touch, licking her nipples and applying a bit of suction.

"Ah! Vee~" Feliciana sighed with pleasure. Monika continued at her breasts for a total of five minutes. Then, she moved up to Feliciana's lips and kissed her. The Italian laid below the German, and enjoyed the feeling of her Iron Cross pendant tickling her chest.

"Ich liebe dich, Feli," she said. Feliciana smiled and blushed.

"Yay!" she answered. "Ti amo tanto."

Monika's fingers trailed down Feliciana's breast, down her stomach, down the front of her pelvis, until they reached her womanhood. The Italian sighed gently as her friend's fingers teased her clit and her entrance. She could do nothing but beg as she felt herself become wetter by the minute.

"Monika! Ah!" she moaned.

"Feel good?" Monika asked, stroking her a little firmly.

"," the Italian answered, moaning from the ecstasy of her touch. Within a few good moments Monika lifted her fingers to her mouth and licked them, tasting her friend's juices as she cleaned them with her tongue. Liking the taste, the German lowered herself to Feliciana's femininity, kissing and caressing her thighs before lightly brushing her wetness with her tongue.

"Ah!" the Italian groaned.

Feliciana enjoyed Monika's tongue lingering in the area between her legs, and she arched her back with a moan. When she felt herself being licked from the bottom to the top at a teasingly slow pace, she began gripping the bed sheets. Monika moaned to make her feel a vibrating sensation aside from the fact that she liked her natural flavor.

"Monika! It's so good!" Feliciana said, trying not to buck her hips too much. The German put her lips to work by sucking on her inner lips and tugging them gently, shortly before taking her clit into her mouth.

"Monika," she sighed. Her name became a sacred chant; she knew she loved her very much. Monika continued to suck and lick Feliciana until, without warning, she inserted a finger into her wetness.

"Oh," Feliciana moaned, feeling the digit enter her.

"Est ist so eng," Monika said with a slight groan, inserting another finger inside of the Italian. Feliciana grimaced, feeling herself stretch with the entry of her two fingers. Monika looked up at her, kissing and sucking at her inner thigh as her fingers went in and out of her. As Feliciana gasped and panted in ecstasy, Monika rubbed her sweet spot repeatedly, sending waves of pleasure through the girl's body.

"Monika! Ah!!" she shouted. "I can't get enough!" 

The German continued to stroke her sweet spot, flicking and sucking in her clit while doing so. Without warning, Feliciana came all over her tongue, prompting her to lap up the uniquely tart taste of her juices. Monika moved up and sucked on Feliciana's breasts before kissing her lips, allowing her to taste her own juices. The Italian moaned, and they broke the kiss to look into each others eyes. 

Suddenly, Monika went off the bed and went to her bag near the bureau. Feliciana looked over curiously to see why she had left briefly. Then, the German put on a strap-on, which was really large in size. Feliciana looked at her as she walked to the bed and laid down. In order to get the Italian to do what she wanted, Monika kissed her while stroking her curl, and within a few seconds, Feliciana got on top of the strap-on dildo and put it up inside her.

"Ah! Monika! It's inside me now!" she shouted ecstatically as she rode her at a slow pace. Meanwhile, Monika enjoyed the sight of her breasts bouncing up and down as she rode her.

"Enjoying yourself?" Monika asked, placing her hands on the girl's hips.

"Sí! Molto! Sta sento bene!" Feliciana screamed. "Ahh!!"

Monika reached up and placed her hands on the Italian's breasts, their fingers entwining as she moaned heavily. The German then took her on her back and thrusted deep into her with the dildo, wrapping her legs around her waist. Feliciana loved the pleasure and craved it, sucking Monika's breasts again.

"I can't...take it! I'm going to come!" Feliciana said. 

"Do it!" Monika said. When it happened, the German took the strap-on off and licked it clean, letting Feliciana taste her own juices again. Within minutes they were laying on the bed together, caressing each other's breasts and faces gently.

"Feli?" Monika said.

"Sí?" Feliciana asked with a blushing smile.

"I...I want you to be my girlfriend," she said. The Italian's face lit up with joy, and they exchanged embraces. 

"Sí! Ti amo!" she said. "By the way, thank you for brushing my hair."

"Anytime." With that being said, they fell asleep in each others arms.

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